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So as a comment:

My basic opinion on why this couldn’t happen in the US is that in Taiwan “the sides” are defined and here they are not:

“The deadlock “resolved itself almost immediately,” says Colin Megill, the CEO and cofounder of Pol.is, one of the digital platforms vTaiwan uses to host discussion. “The opposing sides had never had a chance to actually interact with each other’s ideas. When they did, it became apparent that both sides were basically willing to give the opposing side what it wanted.””

There’s an implication here that there are ‘sides’ which can be brought together to negotiate. In the US I almost get the impression that social media has caused so much decentralization that politics has regressed to Hobbesian conflict. You can’t negotiate a peace treaty unless you can credibly promise that the guns will stop firing after you sign it. With sufficient decentralization this promise becomes impossible to make.


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