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    Nice, I need to try this. This thing could actually be a use case for a smartwatch if you are mostly working on a few generic work categories you can just pick from a menu of previously entered items instead of typing text.

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      Is anyone using the Android version? I installed it on my phone but it doesn’t seem to ever ping me on its own even when I set average ping interval down to 1 minutes.

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        Yeah I never tried the official software. It seems sufficiently easy to write your own that I figured I’d rather do that. I’ve also been considering writing an “experience sampling over SMS” sort of app. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/45974/2/45974.pdf

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        I’ve long wanted some kind of ‘automatic’ time tracker, but tracking time is not an obvious problem with computers and humans in the mix. This approach does something quite clever. Much like the profiler for a complicated application which simply asks what the current frame is at different points in time to estimate performance; this application asks what you’re doing at your computer at random intervals to estimate what you really spend your time on.

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