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    Those early memories of being selfish, that I had – they had never been properly integrated with later memories of doing unselfish things. I had desperately tried to do all kinds of stuff to prove to myself that I wasn’t an entirely worthless person, but no matter how many positive examples I accumulated, it didn’t entirely solve the problem. As long as the negative memories were split off into their own unit, my attention might always swing to them, even if I had a lot of positive memories on the other side.

    So I took those negative memories and integrated them together with the positive ones.

    One thing I wonder about this is if it’s something that’s variant across people who are Episodic or Diachronic. Because if you don’t have the default notion that things current-you does are intrinsically an update on things past-you did, then I could see how you might get disjoint sets of feelings about yourself like this.

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