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    So one of the things that struck me when I read this, and continues to strike me more and more into the present day, is that the West isn’t seriously paying attention to what’s happening in China. In many ways the Chinese are leveraging their cultural strengths to ruthlessly exploit the places where our society is weak. And they’re doing this on a wide variety of technological fronts in excellent form, including:

    Manufacturing - China of course is a place we farm our labor out to, leaving the expertise and knowledge of how to massively create cheap goods in their hands. I saw a documentary on a Chinese factory once and was left astonished at the sheer efficiency of how their system is creating social mobility and wealth for their country.

    Electronics - Shenzhen is simply the Silicon Valley of hardware. You know who used to be the Silicon Valley of hardware? Silicon Valley. We’re increasingly finding ourselves in a position occupied by Russia towards the end of the Cold War, where we have brilliant programmers to compensate for the simple fact that the expertise to create the devices we want to program is not in the United States. (Note I do say increasingly, we’re not there yet. But it’s a risk that doesn’t seem particularly mitigated to me.)



    Genetic Engineering - The Chinese understand the value of human genetic engineering once it works, a subject us Westerners are often squeamish on. They are exploiting that hard to create technology which will give them a decisive advantage that we’ll be especially reluctant to adopt or copy.


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