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    “Bronze players know neither themselves nor their enemies. They are therefore incapable of winning except against someone equally ill-informed, that is, other bronzies. The biggest issue bronzies have is that they just don’t know how to play. It’s not specific things that they need to learn. They don’t need to learn timings or build orders. They don’t need to know how to shift queue commands or how to hotkey armies. They just need to, in the broadest possible of terms, know what to do. They need a goal, a direction, a game plan, some idea, however vague, of where they want the game to progress and what results they want their actions to produce. They feel like they’re just going along for the ride, that the things happening in the game are totally beyond their control.” What I perceive to be bronze players’ largest problem is that they act without introspection. Or any sort of thinking at all, really. They appear to be simply doing things just for the sake of doing them. One of the most aggravating things when trying to teach someone is asking them the question, “why did you do that?” and having them respond, “I don’t know.” If decisions are made without reasons behind them, improvement will never happen; it cannot happen. So not only do they not know why they are doing what they are doing, they are also not considering why it’s not working. What they gain from their mistakes is not the question “How could I have foreseen that the enemies would be there?” but instead the statement “Oh, I guess the enemies were there.” There is no consideration beyond acknowledging that the event happened. It is perceived as mere happenstance, some sort of random occurrence from which no meaning could be derived. There is no self-reflection, and so no attempt to fix the error. It seems to me, from my noobish standpoint, that the biggest skill to be gained is having an idea of what you can do, what your enemies can do, and with that information deciding what is the correct course of action to take.”

    Emphasis mine.

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      Oh, is that why high-level life players tend to keep diaries?

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