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Help would be appreciated, if you’d like to contribute there’s a list of resources on the talk page that you can pull from.

While pointers to Diaspora communities and blogs are welcome, I mostly have all the sources I want to use already. What I really need help with is actually inputting them into the page.


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    I’ve been editing the page (to make it more readable and useful in various ways), and here are some questions / comments (in order from specific to broad):

    1. The 80,000 Hours blog is listed as being authored by Robert Wiblin, but in fact the example post is by someone other than Robert Wiblin (with no “guest author” note or anything). This should be “Multiple Authors”, no?

    2. Why is ‘Rationality’ (in the topic column) sometimes listed with single quotes, and sometimes without? Merely an artifact of different editors? Or some deeper significance?

    3. Some of these entries seem very question. How is Mr. Money Mustache a member of the rationalist diaspora? Was he ever on LessWrong…? And Sam Harris definitely wasn’t…

    4. This is a very impressive list. But I have to say, I, personally, find it very discouraging. It reduces my desire to blog, and certainly about “rationality” or any related topics. Maybe this is a good thing. There’s so much stuff out there already, and—with apologies to the authors—most of it is forgettable, or nonsense… I am asking myself why on earth I’d ever add to this. Surely the world doesn’t need one more vaguely-rationalist-themed blog.

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      1. The 80,000 hours entry is my mistake, should be ‘Multiple Authors’. I looked at the author of the top however-many posts to determine if there was a single author, and then didn’t notice when the ‘example’ article was by someone else.
      2. I copied what I thought was the pattern of always single-quoting ‘Rationality’. If I missed some it was accidental.
      3. Agreed, some seem strange for Diaspora entries. I took the reasoning to be that commentors on these blogs are Diaspora members, which does seem plausible. Some of the list seems to be a thematic grouping by the author of that resource, we might want to prune entries.
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        Sturgeon’s Law says that 90% of everything is crap. Is there some reason why that shouldn’t apply to rationalist blogs? Speaking of which, maybe it would be more useful to have an opinionated diaspora map.

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          There is no reason at all why 90% of rationalists blogs shouldn’t be crap. But having a comprehensive list is useful nonetheless…

          Speaking of which, maybe it would be more useful to have an opinionated diaspora map.

          That would indeed be useful! I hear that wikis are good for making such things… ;)

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            Speaking of which, maybe it would be more useful to have an opinionated diaspora map.

            Maybe. But I’m going for completionism here.

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            I’m pretty sure Ezra Klein and Freddie deBoer were never on LessWrong, either.

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              1. I didn’t add it. It should be multiple authors.
              2. Artifact of different editors. I always put it in single quotes because I think the term is ambiguous/too vaguely defined to be useful.
              3. The entries definitely need pruning. People kind of just stuffed whatever the heck someone reads that’s ‘rationality themed’ in there whether it’s actually part of The Diaspora or not.
              4. The world doesn’t need more low quality crap content, it needs more high quality content. I blog because I have novel original thoughts that I’d like to share with people.
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              The password protection seems oddly paranoid to me; in the unlikely event that someone messes up the page, you can just revert it.

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                On second thought, I agree. The edit password has been removed.

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