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    So the first time I read this post, what struck me was that I think what would be really interesting is genuine works of computer science fiction. For example, there is a dearth of Science Fiction exploring HCI concepts. Probably the most interesting I can think of off the top of my head is Dennou Coil, which is in fact excellent.

    We need more science fiction stories that seriously take into account different ways of using computers, where that isn’t incidental to the main plot.

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      exploring HCI concepts

      Dennou Coil

      Tell us more about it does this!

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        Well, it’s kind of hard to explain Dennou Coil in a few lines I think. Trying to compress it down to a sentence: Dennou Coil is an anime that presents a plausible subculture that could develop with unobtrusive Alternate Reality glasses. And it’s very much presenting the concept, worldview and all from a childs perspective. I think this is actually a sort of hidden genius because in modern media it’s very fashionable to focus on the dangers and the deviants, you know what if someone uses Google Glass to record you at the beach. And while that kind of issue gets touched on in Dennou Coil, it’s an adult sort of concern that’s relegated to the background.

        What results is this sort of interesting mesh between superstition and science fiction that treads a very fine line between possibility and outright fabrication. The aesthetic theme of Dennou Coil is basically the Missingno glitch in the original pokemon games, dangerous behavior of a complicated technology that the agents experiencing it simply aren’t in a real position to understand. So instead they understand it through the traditional ways of human understanding, stories and rumors and myths. In that sense, it’s a deeper meditation on HCI than say just thinking about the raw mechanics of how something should work to be ergonomic. Perhaps it’s best summed up as being Human(s) with Computers Interaction rather than a focus on the individual ‘user’.

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