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Section from the online book Producing Open Source Software.


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    I found the “case study” to be a rather easy case. In that case, everyone agreed that the person was a low-quality contributor and the person agreed to leave when asked politely. What happens when that isn’t the case? How would you handle the situation where there’s a low quality contributor who has friends that are willing to defend him, and isn’t willing to go without raising a huge fuss?

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      Like the book says, in the given case, the project could in fact have banned J. Random; they didn’t end up having to, but that was certainly an option. So that takes care of “what if they don’t want to leave”.

      As for friends willing to defend him—well, that’s the point of “gather allies”, isn’t it?

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      By the way, Help Vampires: A Spotter’s Guide (linked from the footnote of the link in the OP) is also excellent (possibly even better than the actual OP link).

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