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    Not a bad article. Here’s some related fiction.

    First off, Player Piano was referenced, and I agree that it is more relevant to this topic than it might first appear. It’s a far more layered and nuanced book than you might expect from the article’s synopsis. For example, the main character doesn’t just realise the system sucks and pick up a pitchfork. He explores a range of reactions to it, from latching on to personal sentimentality to seeking redemption in contact with the “common man”, to attempting to withdraw entirely from society. Also, for a book about how technocracy sucks, Vonnegut is remarkably fond of describing how clever and resourceful the engineers are.

    Next, Manna is some slightly clunky fiction about who should own the damn robots.

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      The problem is… I don’t see it. There are too many layers of indirection between the common person and the world of Silicon Valley for him to have a sense that he or she is owning much of anything. At best, he or she realizes that his or her money is going into something called the market. If he or she is very astute, they may even realize that the market is composed of individual companies, whose stocks vary somewhat independently. And this market has been going up as of late, so it’s a good idea to invest.

      I don’t think anyone has made the connection to robots. I think what we’re seeing is the normal (if somewhat delayed) economic recovery from the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. I don’t think you need to bring in additional explanatory factors.

      EDIT: I just looked up what FANG stood for. Apparently it means Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google. And all I can hear when looking at these four stocks is, “One of these things is not like the others. One of these things doesn’t belong.” More seriously, I get that Facebook, Amazon, and Google are all working on AI and robotics innovations that could put people out of business? But Netflix? Netflix is metamorphosing into a media company. They’re producing their own shows. I don’t see how owning Netflix gives me a share of the upcoming robot revolution, and I think that it’s inclusion was merely to make the cutesy acronym. The other abbreviation I’ve heard is GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), and that at least has companies that are all leaders in either AI or automation.

      EDIT2: Fixed the fact that edit 1 was in between paragraphs 1 and 2

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