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    The major takeaways for me on this one were:

    • The sheer cost of what we’re giving up with copyright laws. These veritable modern libraries of Alexandria sound stupendous, and it’s simply impossible to have them under our current licensing regime even if you assume everyone involved is willing to pay.

    • A model for the structure of a very high trust community with strong outside pressure trying to destroy it, that isn’t overtly unsympathetically illegal like darknet drug dealers.

    • A community of people who are deriving direct value from their membership which is closely tied to what they do.

    • A peek into the secretive world of stage magic, which sounds really interesting.

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      I remember reading this last year and coming to much the same conclusions—excellent breakdown/analysis! (I’m not personally very interested in stage magic, but I’ll definitely say that the extreme exclusivity / niche-ness of this particular occupation makes this a really interesting case study in online communities.)

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